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- Welcome to my on-line art gallery - Artists Brush

Please take your time and enjoy the paintings and drawings
that gave me so much pleasure to create.

Originally from South Africa, many of my paintings
are from african wildlife and wild landscapes

African WildlifeSouth African Landscapes

Living now in the county of Kent UK, my creativity has found new depths
and dimension in the painting of local Kentish scenery, old buildings and
every day life in and around the south east region of Kent.

New world cafe - FolkstoneLittlestone sands

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Original Paintings by Caromin Louw


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Artist Caromin Louw 2012 © Folkestone kent Uk

kent lady artist - freelance multi medium - wildlife - pets - kent and kentish landscapes - commissions undertaken
drawing - painting - pastel - watercolour

Artist Caromin Louw is a member of The Kent Artists Group
Promoting all artists and crafters throuhout the county of Kent. UK.
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Artist Caromin Louw is a member of the Kent Artists Group
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