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My Childhood

Family art that gave so much inspiration


Wylies Poort -  Oil Painting

"Wylies Poort"

Painting by my dad, Pieter de Vaal
Oil on Canvas, 55cm x 40cm (item not for sale)

This poort (pass) is in the Soutpansberg near Louis Trichardt.
In 1958 at the time of my birth, the strongest tropical cyclone
in human history, by the name of 'Astrid' swept through this area
demolishing and blocking the only access road to the north.

My parents were tempted to name me after this storm,
but luckily for me, got second thoughts about such a decision.

Mom's Garden - Watercolour

"Ma se Tuin"

(Mom's Garden) 26cm x 36cm Watercolour
(item not for sale)

My Mom's Garden, which she, with so much love and care,
looked after all her life.

We played here as children, climbed in the trees and ran about
on the lawns, a carefree, happy and secure childhood.

She passed away in 2002 at the age of 80.

"Oppad na Louis Trichardt"

(Road to Louis Trichardt) 57cm x 45cm Pastels
(item not for sale)

Twilight scene in pastel with the soutpansberg in the background.
Louis Trichardt is situated north of the Tropic of Capricorn,
with a warm sub-tropical climate.

The beautiful mountainous scenery of the Northern Transvaal
made a permanent impression on me as a child,
and I will always have a special connection with
this part of South Africa

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