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Painting Pets

capturing our loving domestic friends


Kietie the rag doll cat

" Kietie 01"
Watercolour 35cm x 25cm
(item not for sale)

I adore cats. This ragdoll cat I copied from a photograph
in a magazine some time ago.

This picture now has an honoury place in our bedroom.

another watercolour of kietie

" Kietie 02"
Watercolour 25cm x 35cm
(item not for sale)

I painted this Persian in march 2006 at Brookland in a class
offered by a famous local artist.
I took my daughter Maria with me, because she also loves animals,
and I thought she could benefit by attending a class in
'How to paint animals'.

Well it was a life changing day for Maria,
because after painting a very beautiful horse in watercolour.
she since decided to make art her main focus in life!
This picture also has an honoury place in our home.

a steffy called Chaka

" Chaka "
(item not for sale)

This is my dad's dog. named 'Chaka'
I painted this picture in January 2007 during a visit to Louis Trichardt,
and gave it as an 84th birthday present for my father.

Chaka is extremely courageous and often has encounters with
porcupines during the night time, who are only after stealing his food,
but he is also a very spoiled dog.

"Goldie "a yorkshire terrier

" Goldie "
(item not for sale)

A family member's little Yorkshire Terrier
He is a natural model.
and I just could not resist painting his portrait.

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