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Kent Scenery

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Littlestone seascape


Oil on canvas 40cm x 33cm
(item for sale)

One of my first attempts to paint a seascape.
In Kent, the colours I found differ much from the natural
African landscape colours that I am used to.
The greens are cooler, the blues a different hue, even
the colours of the sea are different and difficult to paint.

I never use particular colours, and just follow my instinct or
whatever colour that happens to be no my pallette.
But I am quite happy with the result, and it gave me
much confidence to continue trying.

Terrace Houses in Hythe

"North Road, Hythe"

Oil on canvas

(item sold)

The changing colours of the terrace houses
at different times of the day in North Road, Hythe
caught my attention.
This painting depicts one late afternoon in April, with the sun
in the west, the trees still without leaves, and flowers just
starting to bloom during early spring.

Hythe is a very beautiful town, and we lived there for 2 years.

Hythe military canal

"Military Canal, Hythe"

Pen, oil pastel and watercolour

(item sold)

The military canal is a beautiful gem and never looks the same.
I have made paintings of this canal,
mainly in watercolours.

Sevington Church

"Sevington Church"

Oil on canvas 30cm x 40cm

(Item Sold)

It was a very cold and gloomy day when I went
out to paint this charming little church,
but I experience an enormous amount of peace and tranquillity
whilst spending some time there.

I want to do more paintings of local churches,
their serenity and dignity truly appeal to me.

Original Paintings by Caromin Louw

Original Paintings by Caromin Louw

My Paintings for sale.

Original landscape paintings

signed and framed.


Bluebell forest. 30x22cm. Water colour. Not framed. £40

"Bluebell forest"

30 x 22cm. Water colour.
Not framed.




30 x 50 cm. Oil on canvas .
Not framed.




Bossingham, Kent (Commissioned)
Oil on canvas. 70cm x 50cm

more info

Farm House 1

"Farm House 1"

Kent Farm House 1.
Acrylic. Framed: 32cmx39cm



Farm House2

"Farm House 2"

Kent Farm House 2.
Water colour. Framed:55cm x54cm

£ 50.00

New World Cafe

"New World Café"

New World Café – Folkestone, Kent .
Water colour. Framed: 56cmx54cm

£ 130.00

Newington / Peene, Kent

"Newington / Peene, Kent"

Newington/Peene, Kent .
Oil on canvas. Framed: 50cmx68cm

£ 300.00

Water pond, Kent

"Water Pond"

Water pond, Kent.
Acrylic. Framed: 39cmx32cm

£ 45.00

Sevington Church

"Sevington Church"

Sevington Church, Kent.
Oil on canvas. Framed: 40cmx50cm

£ 250.00

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