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Caromin, born in South Africa, is the fourth child and daughter (of five) from parents’ solicitor Pieter and teacher Marietjie de Vaal. Her name is a mixture of her two grandmothers’ names, ‘Carolina’ and ‘Hermina’.

Both her parents were very artistic. Their hometown, Louis Trichardt, sometimes
suffered miserable weather, and during these times the girls stayed and played indoors. Mum Marietjie was a genius in keeping the girls busy with painting, sewing, and puzzle building.

This is where Caromins' love for art and her creative skills developed. Most of her painting techniques she learned by only watching her father painting. He taught her about mixing colours, design, line, form and balance. He is a very successful artist in his own right, and particularly famous for his paintings of the Baobab Tree.

cream tart tree by pieter

"Kremetartboom" (Baobab)
by Pieter de Vaal

Caromin matriculated in 1976 with Art as a subject, and started University in Pretoria in 1977, completing a BA Degree in 1980 in Geography and Archaeology. She continued her educational career and obtained a BA(Hons) in Geography in 1982, a BA(Hons) in Archaeology in 1989 and a Masters Degree in Environmental Management in 2003. She and Nic Louw, then trainee dentist, got married in 1980. They have two children,
Paul (25) and Maria (20).

Nic started practicing in Mafikeng in 1983. Caromin always supported Nic in his practice, but never neglected her love for the arts. During the 90’s, she attended ‘Gills’ School of Art’, as well as evening art classes with Margaret Espley-Jones, a trained UK Art teacher.

Occasionally she lectured Geography at the University of Uniwest and worked as a private heritage environmental consultant. Consequently, she owned and ran a creative business in Mafikeng, doing designs, printing, and machine embroidery.

The publishing of a 'YEAR 2000 CALENDAR' with her painting of historical buildings in Mafikeng, together with a 'YEAR 2000 DIARY, was one of the highlights of her career.

The Louw-family worked and lived in Mafikeng for almost 23 years until they relocated to the UK in 2004.

After getting settled in at Folkestone, she joined the Hythe Art Society. The Society's summer programme brought her in touch with the beautiful Kent country and its exceptional scenery, and she started to paint in earnest again. The old and characteristic English buildings, together with the changing seasonal colours of the famous Kent landscape, captured her imagination. Wherever she goes, she takes her camera with her looking out for unexpected scenes, such as a little purple flower against a red brick wall, bright yellow daffodils alongside an old warn-out wooden fence, a glimpse of an old farmhouse in the mist... On sunny days she packs her easel and brushes and enjoys practicing live painting in the open air.

She will always love the African Scenery, and painting wildlife and African Landscapes is still one of her great passions. She mainly uses photographs published in wildlife books to draw from, giving her own interpretation to the scene. She recently became a member of The Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI), and plans to exhibit some of her wildlife paintings at Port Lympne at TWASI's Annual Exhibition later this year.


Son Paul studies at the University of Canterbury in Computer Science and daughter Maria relocated back to South Africa to continue studies in wildlife care,
Husband Nic supports Caromin in all her ventures, and gives her the opportunity to concentrate on what she actually does best, and that is painting!

my love sculpture

"My love" Sculpture"
by Maria Louw

Caromin's favourite artists, since childhood, are Constable, Turner, Van Gogh and the South African artists J.H. Pierneef, Erich Mayer, Zakkie Eloff and dad Pieter de Vaal. She never misses an opportunity to visit the Art Galleries in London for inspiration. She is also an active member of the Kent Archaeological Society and an Associate Member of The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).


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